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A sustainable advertising medium to promote & communicate your brand. Positioned front of shop in high profile locations around New Zealand.


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Currently just in two high profile locations. Outside Chaffers New World, Oriental Parade Wellington. Also Moore Wilsons College St.


Our aim is to have over 150 high profile and high pedestrians locations in the next 6 months.


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Made from recycled tyres.


The Story

The Bright idea was the brainchild of Matthew Hammond.


An architect and keen cyclist, he scratched his new mountain bike on a traditional steel bike stand. Steel on steel is a poor urban solution, we have all damaged new stuff its incredibly annoying.


Bikerakk was born!

Get the jump with your brand.

I used to be a car tyre

Made from

Four locking loops in the perfect position for locking wheels and frames. Height and length of an adult cycle for leaning and to stop pedestrians tripping over cycle wheels


Coated in soft flame resistant recycled car tube rubber. This prevents paint chipping from cycle frames.


I used to be a car tyre!!

A new way to get brand reach

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